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東京浅草にあるデザインホステル Bunka Hostel Tokyo ブンカホステル トーキョーは、海外観光客も多い伝統のまち浅草公園六区に位置するデザインホテルです。1階は日本酒がメインのダイニング&バー、日本ならではの季節感や栄養バランスをベースにしたおつまみやお食事をお楽しみいただけます。

Designer dorms at Bunka Hostel Tokyo attract so-called flashpackers - News - Frameweb

A unique vintage touch and beautiful, detailed design - welcome to Memory Hostel, the #5Star Hostelin Da Nang, Vietnam. The hostel comes with a cosy, Vietnamese style, combining it with a feel-good ambiance and the passionate hospitality of Vietnam. A hostel experience you won’t forget. Read the full review at http://hostelgeeks.com/memory-hostel-da-nang-vietnam/

Memory Hostel in Da Nang - honest Review 2018 + Things To Do

Makes the room a little more "bomb proof" and interesting.

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Amazing vintage design at Memory Hostel dorms

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Hostel CONII / Estudio ODS

Images by João Morgado . Building refurbishment and adaptation to Hostel in Quarteira, Portugal.

最高の「寝る瞬間」とは「読書中の寝落ち」 泊まれる本屋「BOOK AND BED TOKYO」が11月5日池袋に開店

Snug Yourself Into This Comfy Bookshelf-Style Hostel In The Heart Of Tokyo

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[ĐN]- Memory Hostel với kiến trúc retro mang đầy hơi thở đương đại. Bài viết Foody.vn

[ĐN]- Memory Hostel với kiến trúc retro mang đầy hơi thở đương đại. Bài viết Foody.vn

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