Beautiful Legolas

Beautiful Legolas--is it just me or do his eyes look green in this? << legolas, the man with ever changing eyes

I love hearing Legolas talk about his past, before the Fellowship. He is a couple thousand years old, and its easy to forget how much he has seen since the days of peace.

It is so easy to forget Legolas' age. He is thousands of years old compared to his companions

Legolas (gif) ~ I look down on your dwarfness.

Legolas (gif) Orlando's eyebrow skillz aren't nearly as impressive as Robbie's.

legolas's smile is so amazing

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❤️ Legolas is the best character in LOTR and Thorin is the best character in the hobbit. Even though they don't exactly like each other- they are both noble brave characters and also lead protagonists in the movie !

When he sees the one: | Community Post: 6 GIFs Of Legolas Reacting To Everyday Things In Middle-Earth

When he sees the one: