Искусство вырезания из бумаги

by Lisa Rodden. [Image 7 of Week: Oct – Nov I love the simplicity of this piece and how such simple cuts can yield such a great image. It reminds me off the book project and pop-up images. is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about DIY …

LIBRARY by Tawan Ithijarukul, via Behance  I really like this one too!!

An artist from Thailand named Tawan Ithijarukul has created artworks that consist of intricate paper-cuts and hand-drawn.

Tawan Ithijarukul .

ArbentingThe Whimsical Paper Art of Tawan Ithijarukul - Arbenting


This colorful scene from Alice in Wonderland was created entirely w/ paper. Artist Cheong-ah Hwang fashioned this intricate paper relief sculpture & it's absolutely amazing!

Paper sculpture by Hideharu Naitoh

Бумажные работы Хидхару Найто с сайта Бумажная Луна.

堆糖 发现生活_收集美好_分享图片

shadow box tins: I love the whole idea. I have plans to make a felted cat sitting in a sardine tin with a big smirk. I want a vintage tin with the key roll-up top.

Gimme 5: Os produtos de desejo da semana

Gimme 5: Os produtos de desejo da semana