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Paper Art 2

To Do: papercutting and terrariums New papercut works from artist Helen Musslewhite. Each piece is handcut and placed inside a glass dome.

paper cut love - Buscar con Google

An intricate and beautiful piece by Helen Musselwhite. Each of Helen’s paper sculpture and collage is hand-cut from various paper stock and then built together in layers, creating a beautiful artwork.

Paper sculpture

Matthew Shlian - paper sculpture {{this guy can do amazing stuff with paper, just phenomenal, I love it (gab) }}

Hansel and Gretel Fairytale Glass Dome.. £120.00, via Etsy.

Colour me Anna : Colour me a snow globe : Hansel and Gretel Fairytale Glass Dome

Helen Musselwhite Papercraft Dioramas

Papercraft Perfection: 10 Amazing Master Origami Artists

With just a quick glance at her work, papercraft artist Helen Musselwhite is clearly a passionate perfectionist. Her papercraft dioramas.

Helen Musselwhite shows how this shadowed layering effect can adds depth to the scene with her handmade paper artworks.

Get inspired by these gorgeous paper cut dioramas by the one and only Helen Musselwhite.

shadow box tins: future Sean crafts. I already find these tins in every pocket he has, he might as well make little scenes for the inside.                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Les mondes miniatures de Jim Doran

Ce n'est pas une image numérique obtenue grâce à un software mais c'est le tableau qui correspondait le mieux...

paper lighting - I have decided to have this piece of paper lighting on my…