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pinterest.com/fra411 #knive - "The Custom Knifemaking  Knife Engraving of Julie Warenski-Erickson"

What an absolutely stunning 'Ladies' knife. "The Custom Knifemaking & Knife Engraving of Julie Warenski-Erickson"

Seax and scabbard by Petr Florianek. http://paganroots.tumblr.com/

Recreation of the Morgan seax and scabbard by Petr Florianek, found on Wulfheodenas.

Bardiche (Pole Axe), 1500s Germany or Russia, 16th century

Bardiche Axe from Germany or Russia, century. Courtesy of The Cleveland Museum of Art

Tanto Sinao Karambit, Bladetricks Original hand made knives

Best knife maker toughest blades custom karambit tomahawk maker tactical edc outdoor combat fighting self defense tool.

Viikinkimiekka IV by jarkko1

art-of-swords: “ Hand-made Swords Viikinkimiekka IV by ”

The writing on the side look like elven...

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