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stunning store front Shop | Store | Retail | Window | Display | Visual Merchandising Have your own very similar log table/stool with logs from www.thelogbasket.co.uk

Wonderful shop or store display idea -- using white washed or peeled pale wood stumps for display - GREAT for a shop store bar, café, or restaurant window!

hanging crates.. I like this idea but, I do not know one person who had that much space to take up in a room so, I think it would be cute outside being used to plant herbs or flowers.

Good way to recycle crates/box's, use as hanging shelves hanging display-- Such a good display idea for a pop-up shop--Popup Republic

Oh So Beautiful Paper: NYNOW Summer 2015 Stationery Highlights, Part 2

NYNOW Summer 2015 Stationery Highlights, Part 2

NYNOW Summer 2015 Stationery Highlights from Belle & Union, Banquet Workshop, Worthwhile Paper, One Canoe Two, and more! / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Le Petit Bateau got clever with paint to highlight clothing, but the same could be done for any piece of artwork or wall decoration.

Great Decorating Ideas Inspired By Crazy Store & Window Displays

Inspiration comes from everywhere, but what better place to get ideas than the über-creative window and store displays created by retail designers for stores