Euphorbia mutante

I don't know what this giant plant is, but I like it, and i WANT it in my garden. non so che tipo di pianta sia questa gigante, ma mi piace e la VOGLIO nel mio giardino

Edithcolea Grandis

Edithcolea is a monotypic genus with a single species Edithcolea grandis. Once classified in the family Asclepiadaceae, it is now in the subfamily Asclepiadoideae of the dogbane family Apocynaceae.


"Euphorbia obesa is a peculiar, almost ball shaped dwarf succulent plant that resembles a stone. Photo credited to Karin, Southern Meadows: November

Nepenthes hamata, tropical pitcher plant endemic to Sulawesi

Nepenthes hamata.

Boophane disticha foilage.

Boophane disticha, a poisonous bulbous tropical and subtropical flowering plant, endemic to Africa. ~~ there must be a plant in every imaginable shape and form, and many unimaginable ones!

The Scariest Seedpod

One of the most deadly plant toxins, abrin, is produced by rosary pea (Abrus precatorius). As little as of toxin per body weight will cause fatality in humans (a single seed). Birds appear to be unaffected by the deadly toxin.

Full size picture of Slipper Plant (Euphorbia lomelii)

Full size picture of Slipper Plant, Pedilanthus macrocarpus (Euphorbia lomelii)

Monotropa uniflora. PNW native, zones 4-8.  Shade 'ice plant'

Habitat: In humus in low- to mid-elevation closed-canopy forests Bloom time: June - August Range: In Washington, primarily west of the Cascades, with populations in the wet forests of northeast Washington