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intothecontinuum:   Mathematica code: S[n_, t_] := Sin[n*2 Pi/50 + t]ListAnimate[ Show[   Table[    Plot[     100 - n + (10*S[n,t] + .02)*Exp[-(x - 4.5*S[n, 0])^2/Abs[S[n,t]]],      {x, -10, 10},    PlotStyle - Directive[Black, Thick], PlotRange - {{-7, 7}, {0, 100.5}},    Filling - Axis, FillingStyle - White, Axes - False, AspectRatio - Full,     ImageSize - {500, 750}],  {n, -10, 100, 1}]],{t, .001, 2 Pi + .001, (2 Pi + .001)/30}, AnimationRunning-False]

***GIF***scrolling sine wave peak valley illusion p. Animated GIF click through to view!

Los abstractos y líquidos paisajes y personajes creados por el artista Brendan Monroe.     + + + +                                                   — BRENDAN MONROE

Brendan Monroe

Black and Night An exhibition of drawings and small paintings on paper by artists Brendan Monroe and Evah Fan.

Last night I filled my sketchbook spread with some fish using a Prussian Blue #koicoloringbrush & a white #gellyroll pen // artwork by @lisacongdon, this week's guest instagrammer

Lisa Congdon – Sketchbook spread of fish using a Prussian Blue Koi Coloring Brush pen and White Gelly Roll

Use of lines

Marcos Bernardes: Linea - Simple Graphic Line Illustrations. "He is working as a graphic designer, illustrator, and toy designer in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The Creative Spirit: Op Art Hands That POP!

grade-Op art--any op art project. I have a big folder of op art example and ideas in the closet

Auf symmetrysymptom.tumblr.com http://www.pinterest.com/petraav/achtergrond-zwart-wit/

Line - This is an example of line because all of the lines drawn lead into the middle hole. All of the lines together like this lead your eyes in to the hole that is in the picture.