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Two Steps From Hell -  Sons Of War |  Slow Tempo

The Interview Kekai Kotaki is now live. He is truly a living legend in the concept art world. Check it out here: [link] Interview: Kekai Kotaki

Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell Lyrics HD + 3D

Lyrics for "Heaven And Hell" by Black Sabbath in full HD! Please give it a like and share this legendary song with Ronnie James Dio as vocals!


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Loving this knight. He's so hardcore.

Art Station has done a great feature on James Paick and his studio "Scribble Pad Studios". Both interesting and thoughtful, we recommend you check it out! James done has some great CDW instructional titles which can be found on our website.



Raptor jesus meme - Google Search

Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor (by. - Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor (by *SharpWriter)

Day 6. A song that reminds me of somewhere. AC/DC - Highway to Hell. I haven't done much traveling in my time, so I struggled with this one. I tried to come up with something positive but...This reminds me of my middle school, guys!

Day A song that reminds me of somewhere. AC/DC - Highway to Hell.This reminds me of my middle school, guys!

Doro mit vollständigen Namen Dorothea Pesch ist eine tolle Rocklady aus Deutschland. Sie war früher Frontsaengerin der Heavy-Metalband Warlock, hat sich dann aber selbständig gemacht. Die Rockballade Für immer ist wohl ihr bekanntester Song. Sie wird auch die Metal-Queen genannt. (Länge: 04:37)

AC DC Guitars game between Malcolm and Angus Young.The movie features AC/DC live at the Pavillion De Paris on December 1979