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Elf or Fairy House and home unpainted ceramic bisque ready to paint DIY home painting ideas

Add a little whimsy to your day! Handmade, colorful gnomes to bring a little smile your way. Approximately 3 inches tall.

Adorable handmade gnomes, sculpted with polymer clay


wow - wow is right - and doing this over a bottle would make such a great hummingbird feeder!

Miniature  Whimsical  Fairy Blossom House OOAK by C. Rohal

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It would be great to make a few of these and have them in a group in the garden- wait for the children to find them. If they were left unglazed they would age well outside and look old, or perhaps do an oxide wash over them.

Ceramic Fairy Houses Lesson (Part One-Slab Construction)

Have students work in teams of 2-3 to create homes and buildings for a christmas themed display.

Ceramic church, Christmas, like the addition of pine tree and snowman, making a…