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الكبسة السعودية على أصولها وبكل أسرارها فيديو أطباق دجاج وطيور أطباق رئيسية

Arabic Food Recipes: Kabseh Chicken (Kabseh bi Djej) Recipe ions, sliced 1 ounce) can tomato puree 2 medium tomatoes, chopped 4 cloves garlic, crushed 2 medium carrots, grated Grated rind of one orange 4 cloves 4 cardamom pods 3 sticks cinnamon Salt

Brochettes marinées au barbecue

Cilantro Chili Chicken Skewers - Olive oil, garlic, cilantro in a food processor. Pour marinade over chicken that's been cut into cubes. Marinate overnight if possible. Grill on skewers. Brush with sweet chili sauce just before taking off the grill

This isn’t your ordinary barbecue chicken. In fact these BBQ Chicken Kebabs are…

The Best BBQ Chicken Kebabs Recipe ~ This isnt your ordinary barbecue chicken. In fact, these BBQ Chicken Kebabs are the best barbecue chicken Ive tasted.

Futilités: Kefta

Lamb Kefta (Lebanese lamb kabobs) ~savory ground lamb mixture is skewered, grilled, and served with refreshing cucumber sauce for this easy outdoor dinner recipe.

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Crispy Onion (spiralized) Bhajis make the perfect naturally gluten free and vegan snack or starter. Light, crispy, and completely moorish!

Chicken intestines on a stick is a common street vendor food in the Philippines

\isaw/ Grilled and marinated Chicken Intestines, Philippines. A local street snack

Enjoy some of these traditional dishes on a your visit to Turkey on a FOOD TOUR…

The Top 50 Turkish Meals - Turkey is home to one of the most memorable, versatile and tasty cuisines in the world. This infographic delves into the 50 most iconic meals from Turkey.

Delicious One Pot Chicken Risotto

one pot chicken risotto with fresh vegetables- this is SUCH a killer recipe and much easier to make than you'd think! Plus you can use whatever veggies you have on hand! (Sub quinoa for risotto!