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Farewell letter from

Man was not made to be Lonely- "can't you see,You will always be my Friend Quote-Wind in his hair/Dances with Wolves.

Siberian huskies make excellent partners for cold weather camping.

These Siberian huskies were born to camp

Siberian huskies make excellent partners for cold weather camping. (Get Him To Chase You Dogs)

Huskys. I need a pack of them

Tim Flach is a well-known London based photographer. Absolutely Amazing Dog Photos from Tim Flach

Blue-eyed husky

Strong and compact, Siberian Husky is a playful, gentle and loving This high energy dog is not a watchdog. It rarely barks and loves everyone. Siberian Husky is a strong minded pet that is good with children and strangers.

service dog at work........nicely done!

Funny pictures about The ultimate dog. Oh, and cool pics about The ultimate dog. Also, The ultimate dog photos.

Theres nothing as useful as the truth in terms of ruining anyones day week month year decade or life Unless of course you own a remotely operated automatic flamethrower-drone-tower and have some marinated pork-chops on your person to lure unsuspecting dogs in close proximity to it but since dogs dont really have lives - by using this specific method of torture you can only improve the remaining few seconds of their existence.   - Will Advise Nothing is here...   -photo credit to the owner…

One of Jema's pretty girl poses too! Funny how they're all so much alike! ~My Dream Dog


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