London After Midnigth by FernandoTravis on deviantART

London After Midnigth by FernandoTravis on deviantART

Chainsaw & Roses

Horrormovie Addict : Photo- my worst nightmare would be this kind of abduction and torture. All these movies scared me big time

Models - Helena & Daisy Headdresses - Bubbles & Frown and Rooster Baby Styling - Me Make-up: Karen Akkermans Assistants - Steven & Kitzen Photo/Retouch - Me

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This is considered a halloween costume but some of the design such as tge skull by the pelvis represents power, but the cloak and walking stick is simply fairytale costume. I choose it because it represents what everyone thinks of voodoo priestess

Virginie Ropars - Doll Artist

Virginie Ropars calls her dolls fairies… but they seems aliens to me. Beautiful nevertheless.

Dark Gothic Art, Tenerife, Fantasy Costumes, Voodoo, Witches, Searching, Pagan, Headpieces, Celtic