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Say yes

Typography and font ideas and inspiration. Love this yellow say yes typographic poster. Sometimes, being creative just feels impossible. Here's how to make it possible again. Powerful grey and black bold font on yellow background.

About Malika Favre  Malika Favre is a french artist and illustrator currently living in London. Her style is instantly recognizable, with a strong use of organic shapes and bold colors. With clients such as Wallpaper, Vitsoe, La Parisienne and Creative Review, Malika has been on our radar for some time. Volcom are excited to bring Malika into the Volcomunity and we are looking forward to getting inspired by her life in London.

Kama Sutra Book Cover Design by Malika Favre. This cover was rejected by Penguin for being too tame and not sexy enough.

Honors Communication Design Class at Spalding HS

Credit: Honors Communication Design Class at Spalding HS. This design is simply yet powerful. The fading letters create an emphasis on the first two letters in each word, but you still see the message they are trying to send which it "don't quit".

This could make for an interesting | http://illustrations-posters.lemoncoin.org

This simple motivational poster uses the negative space inside the "D" and the "O" to incorporate more letters to create a straight forward message. This is a great example of how negative space can be effectively used to bolster a design's message.

Great little simple graphic but very effective.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – POSTER – simple typeface uses shades of gray and black background. high contrast is what makes this poster work.

Design thinking

Typography Quotes QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description Saul Bass / design is thinking made visual. I think good design helps you to understa

graphic design inspiration – lines in grey and white | typography / graphic design: Arthur Hent @ cargo collective |

graphic design inspiration – lines in grey and white typography / graphic design: Arthur Hent @ cargo collective

fight to be present.

I finally have found the inspiration for the wall above my bed at the teeny, tiny beach house.By WRDBNR

Great typography for your inspiration | From up North

Typography inspiration

Yalon- Type based design This art print by Three of The Possessed, slices the phrase "love will tear us apart" to take the meaning of the words into a literal sense.

Feedfolio | donhkoland

MITCHELL - TYPE BASED DESIGN - This design entirely typographic and uses no supporting imagery to convey the intent or message of the design work. This design uses long type lines to emphasize the word.


I really like asian art and I feel that this logo has an asian feel with this particular font. The font is similar to calligraphy, especially the center stroke. The freehand feel of the type brings it together to stay readable and functional.