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OMG I started a blog!

I never made this face when I procrastinated all the time in school, maybe I shouldve :P

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I hate job interviews its like - meme - Jokes, Memes & Pictures

serious case of monday-itis

serious case of monday-itis

If Monday were a person, what would it look like? Monday you ugly.

I think the tooth fairy was drunk last night.

Funny pictures about Generous Tooth Fairy. Oh, and cool pics about Generous Tooth Fairy. Also, Generous Tooth Fairy.

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Same situation when my friend is going to ask me if i come with him with his car . i don't to die so it's more safe taking a bus with a veteran driver and not a young idiot who only wants to drive faster and faster :/

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 35 Pics

Funny Picture titled : Happiest Day Of My Life from evilmilk funny pictures.

Having to live a double life for the sake of your parents.

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When your mom adds you to snap chat 😂😂

I think it's the yellow water that's bothering your baby!!

omg I can't this is so funny

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I wonder if he always wears his pants properly now,.