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"I like to shelter my hives from the rain. A sheltered hive gives the bees a dry place to land and keeps rainwater from seeping in around the entrance."

A very simple rain shelter - Honey Bee Suite

An old beehive at the garden of Beatrix Potter. Might go into beekeeping if I could find a hive like this!

An Old Bee Hive in the garden of Beatrix Potter -- and other photos from Beatrix Potters gardens, etc.

Bee Lining: The Oldtimers’ Way to Find Wild Beehives -THIS IS SOOOO INTERESTING!...... and a real "Art" I'm sure.

Bee Lining - The Oldtimers’ Way to Find Wild Beehives. This is really interesting even if you never plan on practicing it.

Beautiful Bee Hives! - The Official Website of Mid-State Beekeepers Association

Official Website of Mid-State Beekeepers Association, Educate beekeepers. Honey bee colony management for beginner & advanced beekeeper. Increase public knowledge on honey bee crisis.

16.07.2013 - Beautiful beige bee hive - I observed dying and dead Bees and Bumble Bees during my bike rides to Lake Morp in Erkrath since ca. 2000 - and I revived weakened bees which came into our sitting room by a swab with honey etc... (dali48 on Pinterest)

Sneak Peek: Sunset Magazine's 2011 Idea House

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Raising Bees for Survival: Should You Do It?

By Theresa Crouse Of course you should! Raising bees for survival has many benefits and the process itself, though time consuming, isn’t particularly difficult. For many, the cost of starting a hiv…

Linda's Bees: It's time to Name the Hives

Linda's Bees: It's time to Name the Hives

Plywood rain roof

A tip for torrential rains: hive shelter - Honey Bee Suite

Bee hives in Luxembourg Gardens have healthier bees than commercial hives.

Bee Hives in Luxembourg Gardens have healthier BEES than commercial hives. How Marvelous & Exceptionally SWEET,.

Woodworking tutorial: How to Make a Bee Box, from Squash Blossom Farm. #hive #beekeeping #honeybee

Squash Blossom Farm: How to Make a Bee Box A screen on the bottom big enough for mites to fall through. Below that a metal tray smeared with Crisco. A non-toxic bee mite trap.

Scientists have determined the best way of controlling Varroa mites – one of the threats facing honey bees – without harming the bees themselves.

Scientists determine how to control parasite without harming bees : Broadcast: News items : University of Sussex