Strangers In The Box - By: Pamela A. Harazim ~ Teach Me Genealogy

"Strangers in the Box" ~ A beautiful poem about preserving family history. Remember to ALWAYS ID your precious family photos, documents and papers from today so that future generations won't only know you and your family as 'the strangers in the box!

Teach Me Genealogy: Prayer for Genealogists

Prayer for Genealogists ~ "Lord, Help me dig into the past, and sift the sands of time, That I might find the roots that made this family mine." ~ A lovely verse for your heritage album's opening page.

Teach Me Genealogy: "We Don't OWN Our Family History..."

"We Don't OWN Our Family History. We simple preserve it for the next generation" -Thomas S. Monson (Teach Me Genealogy)

Freebies and goodies… | ducedesign

Freebies and goodies…

before census ~BEFORE 1837 Essential Guide.Track down your ancestors before census records & civil registrations began!


"If You Could See Your Ancestors" ~ Teach Me Genealogy > Now that last is the question isn't it?

~ Dear Ancestor... ~ by jerry

Dear Ancestor poem - I often wonder, when working on genealogy, what ancestors like my great-grandfather would think of me and my interest in them. They likely had no idea that one of their descendants would be searching to find out who they were.

The Old Home Place - By Mary Walker Butler ~ Teach Me Genealogy

The Old Home Place - By Mary Walker Butler ~ Teach Me Genealogy - chryssa-home-decorideas

This would be good to post at cemetery entrances to ask people not to play their Pokemon Go in the cemetery.

A cemetery is a history of people.and it is a sanctuary of peace.and they exist because every life is worth loving and remembering.

Free Genealogy Tools Need this. i believe the land grants from this war moved many families inland, and separated many families.

Free Genealogy Tools Looking for your ancestors? Here are the best *free* family history tools that the web has to offer. Search US and international records, at no cost.

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Quote: Family History, A Perishable Commodity

One of the few regrets I have in this life is that I didn't speak about family history sooner with people who are no longer here with us.