US vs Australia, US wins (for once) in the terrifying animal department

We got Australia's possum! Hahaha<< I want Australia's real possum! It's adorable!



That's not biology! excuse the language -- this was just too funny not to pin


"How dare you speak of my mother in that tone of pun!" Oh, this is gold

The 30 Funniest Conversations You'll Ever See On Tumblr -- Where have these been all my life?

Not delivery, it's digiorno! It's not a scene it's a god damn arms race! THIS IS SPARTA! XD laughing up buckets over this!

Smooth as fuck

suave,was anyone else at the 1994 winter olympics? thestewart: i have the sex appeal of a math book idk man, We never met anyone that opened a math book math book please fuck me hard over the table

In America we say two weeks

Thousands of cups of tea smash to the ground in shock XD <<< that's interesting, I didn't know Americans don't use the word 'fortnight' to say 'two weeks'

Tickld Mobile

There's different text post that said if you find someone from tumbler tell them "Iike your shoe laces" and then reply "Thank i stole them from the president!

I think this would be an appropriate symbol to use when exploring the galaxy

Maybe we're being controlled by the silence! Like in the impossible astronaut how the silence told them to go to the moon cuz they needed a space suit.

I always wondered what guys did at sleepovers... I mean, when I was little I didn't even know tha guys HAD sleepovers, but the conversation that stemmed from that comment is hilariously true

All da homo. Girls aren't worried about looking homo, especially when they are hugging their best friend or when they have their arms around each other as they walk. We help out other girls and watch out for each other. It is amazing bond.

I can't believe this is real!!! xDD

Sadly, it turns out that the image was a joke, created by the Huffington Post's UK Comedy team << it was still hilarious to read

Plot twist! That escalated quickly...LOL...This is way funnier than it's supposed to be

Well that took an unexpected turn! I am laughing so hard right now!

It's funnier to Canadians because you can drive like 4 hours and still not be out of the province #what

But we did have Burger King in Belgium. In fact, I refuse to eat Burger King again because it was the only American fast food we had there

tumblr_mysp7a0w1r1r6qtofo1_500.jpg (500×333)  I once asked my mom what a fortnight was after reading it in a book. She had no idea and asked me where I had read that.

IS THIS TRUE?all Aussies and Brits are in shock.<<<<< yes it is true, we say 2 weeks. Never have I heard someone say fortnight in america