Find out which Disney Princess is just like YOU!

Who Is Your Disney Doppelgänger?

Day two: Favorite Princess. My favorite has to be Anna from Frozen. She's the most realistic Princess, and she's so naïve and has a great personality.

Cartoon Icons, Drill, Mosaic, Cross Stitch, Diamond, Painting, Big, Plein, Arts - Anna from Frozen Disney Cardboard Cutout / Standee, £29.99 (

Anna from Frozen Disney Cardboard Cutout / Standee - Anna from Frozen Disney Cardboard Cutout / Standee, £29.99 (

Anna frozen

Every tiny detail of Princess Anna ❤️ the streaks of sky-blue in her eyes, the spots of shines, the tiny hairs forming her eyebrows, the tiny white wooly stitches, & the lovely fluff around the collar! Inspiring and Simply Gorgeous!

Elsa, Frozen

Elsa, Frozen


pattern inspiration - Day 02 Disney Challenge (Favorite Princess) : Elsa - Frozen (she is queen and princess in same time in the movie)

Ana de la película frozen con el pelo enmarañado

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Belle Disney Princess Redesign | ... the other Princesses of Heart. She then uses all of the Princesses


The Belle Royal Debut Life Size Standee features the lovely Disney princess in her elegant yellow dress, sniffing a rose.