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Encre / Pluie

Watercolor resist - lesson on water droplets and ripples - texture, color theory, shadow - how would droplets look striking pavement/water/leaves etc?-- Use watercolor resist to draw the Parthenon?

Fall Leaf Painting Project. Oil pastels and India ink make a dramatic painting.

Fall Leaf Painting Project

Could trace [real] leaves onto black construction paper, then do a glue resist and finally fill in with oil pastels in fall colors.

Warm and Cool Leaves

draw a leaf with warm colors. background with cool Pastel oil, tempera block paint ans black crayon.

Winter landscapes by 1st grade - one day project | Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists | Bloglovin’

Winter landscapes by 1st grade - one day project (Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists)

I needed a quick winter themed artwork for a holiday card deadline and thank goodness for the great ideas at McLean Magnet ES found on .

Fall Leaf Art with Crayons and Watercolor. Shows the beauty of crayons and watercolor when done with lots of care.

Fall Leaf Art with Crayons and Watercolor

Warm leaves, cool sky

Crayon and Watercolor relief! Good one for fall Warm leaves, cool skies - 2 line and organic shape