Tarta Rayo McQueen Mehr

Tarta Rayo McQueen Mehr

Love the step by step!:

here is a step-by-step how to do a Lightning Mcqueen Photo is a block of chocolate mudcake. Photo it is a tip, use a photo of the car in o. mcqueen Step-by-step

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Today I’m going to show you some shots of the the Cars cake for the usual double birthday in our family. This is the cake for Marco and, in the next days, you’ll find the Barbie cake for Giorgia.


Globos en fondant Fondant balloons glazed with corn syrup/vodka glaze. This is the best glaze I have found for gumpaste items. Cheap to make, dries shiny but not sticky. Just equal amounts of clear corn syrup and Vodka or Everclear mixed together.


Tartas de Cumpleaños - Birthday Cake - Ferris Wheel Cake - For all your cake de.