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Your character has known Agatha - or known by her few friends as Aggie - for a while now, and know that there has been in a troubled relationship with her mom since she adopted a little girl. After being on edge all night and starting a huge argument with your character, which is totally uncharacteristic of her, she breaks down crying, sobbing.

Meg, stop." Travis sighed and grabbed her arm before she could run up and slam the door. She ripped her arm free but instead of running away, she turned and fell into Travis's arms. Hearing her cry was the worst thing he had ever heard.

Aidan Turner on the London tube. This is one of my absolutely favourite photos of him.

visionsisters: “ Ok, here is Aidan, once again, calmly riding the tube. Who else can’t help but think of crazy Mitchell on the box tunnel murder spree and laugh while comparing these two thoughts!

Mitchell - Being Human

Aidan Turner on Being Human. Who knew a man could be so hot holding a broom :)

Aidan Turner by Sarah Dunn

elanorofrohan: “poldarked: “Photos by Sarah Dunn Photography ” Some Irish people are usually called Black Irish, because they have got dark hair, dark eyes and rosy complexion instead of the more.

Aidan Turner from Being Human

Aidan Turner (played in Being Human, the UK version and plays the dwarf Kili in the Hobbit movie.