yard decorations recycling tree stumps and backyard landscaping ideas

25 Ideas to Recycle Tree Stumps for Garden Art and Yard Decorations

Great way to decorate an old tree stump.and I have an old tree trunk I refuse to give up on and loads of plant pots.

Dead old trees may seem like a problem but there is always a way to make the most of the worst situation. Dead wood isn’t necessarily have to be unsightly and if it is there are ways to make it work for your landscape. Whether you have a tree stump or a whole dead tree in your garden, there are ways to turn them into a decoration rather than an eye sore.

Turn dead trees and stumps into wonderful wildlife and garden features -snickety

Easy Stump Removal With This Epsom Salt Formula

12 Gardening Hacks That Will Turn Your Garden Into A Heaven

Alternative Gardning: Tree Stumps Removal--Drill holes in stumps, fill with Epsom salt, add water, wait. Live stumps may take up to a month to decay

Natchez Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia x faurei 'Natchez' The Natchez Crape Myrtle produces long lasting clusters of white flowers. each cluster can range from 8” to 16” long. It also has one of the longe

I think I& sold husband on 2 Natchez Crepes for block the view of that building in the backyard

#11. Get creative with your address numbers! ~ 17 Impressive Curb Appeal Ideas (cheap and easy!)

17 Easy and Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do (on a budget!)

Great idea for curb appeal. Make a plant tower and add your house number on the bottom pot. Great idea for curb appeal. Make a plant tower and add…

put sideways pot anywhere with a solar light behind flowers

put sideways pot anywhere with a solar light behind flowers very pretty.loooove the idea of Solar light included!-- I have the perfect wine barrel to cut in half and do this with!

Use an angel food cake pan as a planter around your patio umbrella

bundt pan from thrift store, painted & planted (umbrella fits right thru the hole!) -- my OCD and I will overlook that's an angel food cake pan, not bundt pan, because the idea's cute :-)

Screen door trellis

Red Screen Door Trellis (The red is striking against the white wall. Wood screen doors are still pretty cheap to buy. Wood trim from a big-box hardware store could add detail to the plain screen door. Then all you need is paint!