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Black and Red (44) in the Gents at Sainsbury's Oxford Ring Road

Black and Red (44) in the Gents at Sainsbury’s Oxford Ring Road

The picture of this plane, is the plane Will crashes or just lands in, in the book. I picked this picture, because I'm really interested in old model planes, cars or anything old.

Jasta Boelcke Fokker Dr.I Karl Bolle- Robert Karr

This 88 page book contains over 250 photos covering no less than 18 Jastas that operated the iconic Fokker Triplane over the Western Front.

planes from ww1

Visit this site for a Nieuport 17 Picture and information! This Free Nieuport 17 Picture is ideal for School work and internet projects. Exclusive Unique Gallery of Military Aircraft pictures including this free picture of Nieuport

World War 1 fighter planes

World War 1 fighter planes. It's interesting that the American plane has a swastika symbol on the side.Of course, this is before the symbol lived in infamy.<<The swastika is actually a The symbol of the infantry was a swastika until 1939

Red Danger by Ivan Berryman. The Red Baron in one of his Albatross scouts instead of the Fokker DR.1 Triplane with which he is more often associated. History records that no fewer than 56 of his victims fell to the guns of a succession of Albatros scouts, so I have depicted him here flying D.III Nr.2253/17 in which he claimed (among others) victory number 52, his last in this aircraft before taking some long-overdue leave. He went on to become the highest scoring ace of World War 1 with 80…

Red Danger by Ivan Berryman. The Red Baron in one of his Albatross scouts…

Sopwith Snipe

At the outset of World War I the British had some 110 assorted aircraft, used mostly for the visual reconnaissance role. With the advent of faster and more agile single-seaters, the Allies and their a

1917 Duel above the Piave

The most successful fighter ace of the Austro-Hungarian Air Force in World War One, Godwin von Brumowski was to end the war credited with 35 air victories (including 12 shared), plus a further eight unconfirmed