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According to her owner the adult cat had only given birth one day before she brought in the shivering and breathing squirrel which had no signs of a mother. She cares for the squirrel without a second thought. The Good Samaritan cat didn’t stop there, however, as she went out two days later she came back with another abandoned baby squirrel. Alongside her kittens she placed the second new adopted baby with the first. Animals are the best mothers! <3

mama cat adopts baby squirrel in addition to three of her own little cats Cats

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❤️❤️❤️ best buddies: Cowlick, Aww Kitties, Kitty Cats, Cow Cat Bath, Cats And…

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1."Dibújame como a una de tus chicas francesas"

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Adorable, lol Cats

Two headed cat. Well, I have heard that 2 heads are better than This must be the world's smartest cat!

Run, Human, run.

iTS SO ADORABLE! Til it slices your face! Cause its in attack mode when its eyes are like that.

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Love this baby Bengal kitten

The only cat i would want to own! Not a fan of cats but I am of LEOPARD PRINT :: Bengal Kittens, pretty damn cute :)

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Crazy cat - 32 Photo Repeat after me, "I am a cat, not a dog who fetches sticks. " If that doesn't work, give him some Valium.