The complexity of the multitude of lines makes for an interesting ferris wheel type of composition.

"Stargazing is like time travel." This design is very well balanced and contrasted well. They use the black and white contrast the stars against the black sky. And they use shapes in a circular motion to reveal more like a time travel warp zone.

Inspiration Gallery #098 – Mixed inspirations | From up North

Inspiration Gallery #098 — Mixed inspirations

Paul Henry-Schaedelin (12)

ingredients: gradients, text on staircase, text in corners, distorted type, geometric sans serif font


a match made in heaven. "If I Could I Would Give You the Entire Universe" x 11 print - I like the idea of creating one as a photo collage

Chad Hagen

I love the dreamy pseudo-scientific world of graphic design, illustrations and patterns created by Chad Hagen. His nonsensical info-graphics leave me uncaring what data that might - but don't - contain . it's enough that they are beautiful.

Geomas type

Geomas Font A futurisitc type design by Josip Kelava. “ “Ever listened to a piece of music and got inspired? Well this was the case for the creation of Geomas. I was never really a fan, but lately I.

Things I like

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