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Kiss nail.... Love!

31 Lovely Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas

Kiss nails art having a special way to show your love. Here are our top 9 Symbolic kiss nail art designs that hope you will try out a few of them.

Polka Dot Nails: Do 1 solid color with as many coats needed, then choose a dark color (not similar to base coat) do semi big dots (try to make all dots same size), lastly choose a light color that matches' with other colors, do multi size dots. If needed apply your favorite clear coat between each step and when done.

93 Cool Nail Design Tutorials to Keep You Busy (& Polished) All Winter: Nail inspo galore

Imagine similară

Imagine similară

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Robin Moses Nail Art: "nail art" "dot nails" "bronze tips" "stud dot nai...

Robin Moses Nail Art: "nail art" "dot nails" "bronze tips" "stud dot nai.

Robin Moses Nail Art

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Nail-art by Robin Moses

nails with MAC eyeshadow. SUNS on midnight blue robin moses nail art tutorial 679