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La distancia no significa nada cuando alguien significa todo.

25 Adorable Couples Stunning Photography, I love to click black and white photography it shows the real expressions and a real story of boy and girl.

If you're meant to be together, then it will happen, and you will get back together. If you want to discover how to get him back using the power of intention, read my blog post.

How To Get Him Back Using The Power Of Intention

How To Get Him Back Using The Power Of Intention - Magnetic Law Of Atttraction

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The ones who love you will never leave you. Even if there are a hundred reasons to give up. They will find one reason to hold on. Family is supposed to love you, right? I caught on from a very young age.

This is so true I need to keep this in mind

dang my heart. i should really listen to my mind more. it saves me heart ache. but my heart will never stop caring.

5 idee per un San Valentino del Sesso

if you are planing to spend your honeymoon in India the Himachal is one of the mos exotic place to your dream honeymoon

La fábrica de secretos

I will love you under any condition and under any circumstance my love You are so amazing sweetheart

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The past, is the past. Moving forward together, As One. Never giving up and loving each other every day.

life had broken me a long time ago. I am still looking for the other broken piece to make us whole again. or will I be broken forever?