Disney cosplay. || this isn't Disney...it's violet from the incredibles

21 Epic Cosplays That Might Just Con-vince You to Become a Con-Goer

Character: Violet Parr / From: Pixar's 'The Incredibles' / Cosplayer: Yasemin Arslan - Vera Chimera Cosplay

mimo mujer

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Kidagakash Nedakh - Atlantis: The Lost Empire by hikaru-kz on DeviantArt

Kida (Kidagakash Nedakh) from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Cosplay by Hikaru. She did an amazing job.

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Most awesome rapunzel wig ive ever seen for cosplay EVER. Looks like it stepped straight out of the movie. Made with flexible tubing inside with hair wrapped around, makes the thickness even more noticeable.