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12 Funniest Toilet Construction Disasters (toilet construction, construction disasters) - ODDEE

12 Funniest Toilet Construction Disasters - toilet construction, construction disasters

Bathroom stall doors should reach the ground IMO. Can I get some privacy?

Björn bajs

This is an old joke . "A bear and a rabbit were taking a dump in the woods. The bear asked the rabbit, "Does shit ever stick to your fur?" the rabbit replied "All the time!" So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit.

I'm afraid you have what's known as "children". Lol...and a husband...lol  ....and a cold/.... now get back to work.

I love being a mom. Some days are great. Although some days are far, far, far from perfect. And this cartoon describes exactly how I feel af.

Poor Santa...

Christmas jokes: Every Christmas morning. Welcome to the Christmas jokes page. Enjoy these hillarious jokes on Christmas, and share them with a friend.

Funny adult cartoon - http://www.jokideo.com/funny-adult-cartoon/

Ok, you can have another spin- but only 'cause it's your birthday. sex / no sex. Become less fat and unattractive and you might get 2 spots on the wheel.


Grumpy Cat / From Fun Claw - Funny Cats, Funny Dogs, Funny Animals: Funny Cats - 25 Pics

I laughed until I cried!

Funny pictures about A bear walks into a bar. Oh, and cool pics about A bear walks into a bar. Also, A bear walks into a bar.

Modern Granny

geek granny: they already have rocking chairs and clocks that knit on their own, as well as printers. I have a feeling this will soon be the new face of knitting!