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Fun with food - Veggie person

Fun with food - Veggie man! Use aroniaberries for the eyes. I think I'd use cross slices of black olives for the eyes.

Absolutely love this! Brobee Veggie Tray: There's a party in my tummy, yummy yummy! Would the Tot eat more veggies if they were arranged in the shape of Brobee? Link also has other holiday (Halloween & Christmas) themed and Elmo veggie tray ideas.

Wooloo | 20 Idées de collations santé versez Pâques

20 idées de collations santé pour Pâques

Cheep Eats - Love this adorable chick made out of fruit. Cut a thin, round slice of apple (vertically or horizontally) for the body (removing the core and seeds as you go.

Parce que je sais que vous aimez vraiment les idées de collations santé et thématiques, je vous en ai déniché 17 sous le thème de Noël. Si vous en trouvez de bonnes vous aussi, venez nous les partager, ça nous donnera un bon coup de main. Comme à l’habitude, les détails des idées se trouvent […]

17 idées de collation santé pour Noël

Create a healthy fruit platter for Christmas in the shape of a christmas tree using an apple, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, and graham crackers!

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Turn a slice of watermelon into a silly bird this summer! Use the watermelon seeds to create tail feathers and eyebrows. Grapes and pineapple make it as healthy as it is fun to eat. Serve with Mott’s apple juice for a more complete snack.

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