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Simple cat tree you can do it yourself

Cat Climbing Tree (Mille Makes), with link to construction pictures (Diy Photo Awesome)

18 Cat Products That Won't Cramp Your Home's Style

18 Cat Products That Won't Cramp Your Home's Style

Ensure you and your cat feel at home with these stylish yet functional cat furniture products.

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12 Extraordinary Cat Trees You Can Make Yourself

Ikea hack cat tree by Tatiana's Delights: LACK shelves, ADUM rug and EKBY brackets.

Ein günstiger Designer Kratzbaum! Kratzmöbel mit schönem Design

Cat Spraying No More - How to Stop Cats From Urinating Outside the Litterbox!

Hágalo Usted Mismo - ¿Cómo armar un espacio para el gato?

Hágalo Usted Mismo - ¿Cómo armar un espacio para el gato?

Custom Cedar and Cypress Cat Tree.

18 Reason Why Cats Talking To You So Much - MEOW

Custom Cedar and Cypress Cat Tree for Custom Vision Home Repair & Remodeling to build for Senior Kittizens.

Self scratcher for your cat

Add this to a cat tree! Top 27 DIY Ideas How to Make a Perfect Living Space for Pets

The Best Cat Furniture

Cat furnitures are on the rise! Interesting to see how innovative people can be !

cat elevator

10 Awesomely Clever Pet Friendly Furniture Items - dog furniture, pet furniture

cat furniture on Stylehive. Shop for recommended cat furniture by Stylehive stylish members. Get real-time updates on your favorite cat furniture style.

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I could tie it into the tree-house theme I'm thinking of doing. It could just look like a platform tree house at the top of the "tree".

Made of scrap wood and recycled materials.

Make Your Own Cat Trees, Towers, and Other Structures

AWESOME homemade cat scratcher tree, made from scrap wood and recycled stuff! And my favorite part is, this whole thing securely attaches to the wall, so they can roughhouse as much as they want. Now I just need a new cat.

Make A Cat Scratching Post: If you own a cat you will need to provide your cat with a cat tree. Making a DIY cat scratcher is rewarding and saves a lot of money

Make A Cat Scratching Post

Cat Tree Plans: Build Cat Condo Furniture, Window Perch, Cat Scratching Post & More .book by Brian Johnson

How to make a cat tree

How to make a cat tree. You can build this cozy kitty condo in a weekend. Free tutorial, how-to video and plans!

I built some cat shelves

I built some cat shelves

I built some cat shelves Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!