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Kaniner elsker at grave, men det sviner - her er løsningen. Lav et hul i en vasketøjskurv og fyld den med iturevne avisstykker, som din kanin kan boltre sig i.  http://www.kaninhaandbogen.dk #kaniner #huskaniner #kaninhaandbogen

This is a very simple Diy bunny playhouse. all you need to do is get an unused laundry basket and cut a "doorway" for your bunny to exit (for added fun fill it with newspaper or hay and toss a few treats in it.

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Very spacious bunny pen! Lots of places to hide and run through, just needs a hay dispenser and it would be perfect

Hell yeah!

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This is my improved cage for my two bunnies. The first floor with the smaller second level is for my female bunny Boubou and the top floor also with a smaller second level is for my male bunny Mickey.

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Broccoli and Brussel sprouts can cause severe gas in rabbits and there for should be fed sparingly or not at all.

Picture of Bunny Rabbit Hydration Station Made From Scrap Wood

Bunny Rabbit Hydration Station Made From Scrap Wood

Bunny Love

This sweet little bunny and her bunny rabbit doll make quite the cuddlesome duo for a little girls nursery. - art print from an original watercolor, gouache, and acrylic painting by Kit Chase.