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arteascuola: paesaggi di texture....Italian art teacher blog (that I wish I understood). Easy projects for littles studying lines and circles.  Maybe even a perspective drawing in there for older kids.
landscapes of texture: look closely and you'll see the textures are simply different designs by marker.
Fall Leaf Art with Crayons and Watercolor. Shows the beauty of crayons and watercolor when done with lots of care.
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Trace hands and feet and then fill in a self-portrait.  Great to hang up for Back to School Night.
Neat...textured landscapes - the different designs within the pictures make it so fun.
line design with shading - elementary art class Art with Mr E. zen-n-doodles
warm & cool • day & night or other opposites (love & hate, winter & summer, dead & alive, free & imprisonment)
Kandinsky Trees (great idea for earth day)  Students cut out a tree trunk from black paper, more or less in the shape of a hand with five fingers outstretched at the top. It is glued to a background paper that offers a lot of contrast in color.
pattern, line, color and simulated texture