Courtney Palm

Courtney Palm

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the one-eyed serpent // one-eyed shadow // one-eyed prince // the lost prince // isfet // chaos // titan story

虫麻呂 @mushimaro8

Arch_Seraph_Lucifer: As a servant of the One and Only, I wish to do all I can to see the world flourish. I wield my power to bring the light of life to all, be they man, god, or demon.

Zodiac Signs As Creepy Monsters

Zodiac Signs As Creepy Monsters

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Non Human Being-Monster-Hybrid-Animal-Beast-Claws-Paws-Obscure. Find more on the "Creativity+Fantasy" board.

Modern day dark mage, urban fantasy character inspiration

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This design is being made for a client. the client aproached me with the idea for a bersek and enso inspired tattoo, and we will certainly post the finished tattoo design, and she will post the hea.