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In Last Unicorn Games released Dune: Eye of the Storm, the first installment of a Dune collectible card game. These paintings for the game, by artist Mark Zug, offer a gorgeous return to Frank Herbert's world.

The Bene Gesserit from Frank Herbert's Dune.

Bene Gesserit

Angélica Aragón as Bene Gesserit Sister from Frank Herbert's Dune


The Folio Society is doing the anniversary deluxe edition of Frank Herbert's Dune, created by Sam Weber.

Jessica taking the water of life to become a reverand mother.

Princess Irulan /ˈɪrəlɑːn/ is a fictional character and member of House Corrino in the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert.

House Corrino: Princess Irulan Corrino by Deimos-Remus

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Not in print.  The deck from the mini-series, Children of Dune.

The deck from the mini-series, Children of Dune.

Ilustración de KEVIN TONG

Dune Poster by Kevin Tong. 18 x 24 inches, screen printed on 100 lb Lemon Drop French Cover Paper in an edition of They are all signed and numbered by Kevin Tong

Alia Dune - Google Search

Dune - Publicity still of Alicia Witt. The image measures 647 * 996 pixels and was added on 1 January

God Emperor of Dune by jubjubjedi on deviantART

A painting of one the most complicated characters in Science Fiction, Leto II from Frank Herbert's God Emperor of Dune. God Emperor of Dune

DUNE: Duncan Idaho vs Count Hasimir Fenring by NEWATLAS7.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Dune · Duncan Idaho vs Count Hasimir Fenring by on deviantART

Get off of my planet by Larbesta

an interpretation of a final scene of David Lynch' Dune, with Paul Atreides telling the Emperor to hurry up and take his ass up and away from Arrakis.