Actually, quite the opposite...

Soccer players pretend they're hurt. Hockey players pretend they're not. Lol so true!

Lol...goalies can stop your goals...

Nothing can stop you from making your goals. False: Goalies can. The Office Wisdom

What the husband had a dryer in University that looked like that!  So did most of the neighborhood garage doors.

My mom's freezer looked just like this. And the barn door, and the neighbours garage door, and the wall in the hay loft.

hahahha this looks like something I could see happening to me (if I ever make a goal hahahaha)

Funny pictures about Hockey step by step. Oh, and cool pics about Hockey step by step. Also, Hockey step by step.

Could not decide on my inspire board or Tampa Bay Lightning. Go Bolts!

When someone gets between you and your goals, the best thing to do is pull their shirt over their head and punch them in the face a few times. If life were played like a hockey game.