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yup! * She Makes a Home *

It may take many years for me to get my dream psychology job but I'm doing it and won't give up :) I have so much support and love :)

Just do it

Putting it off. Complaining about it. Dreaming about it. Whining about it. Cryi Framed Quote I need to stop whining!

God answers. Just wait patiently and be amazed afterwards.

God answers when you least expect it. Your blessing is coming.

Love This.
This reminds me of my mom, she has such a big heart.

Words_True Measure of an Individual_"Keep in mind.the true measure of an individual is how he or she treats a person who can do them absolutely no good."~~Ann Landers Previous pinner says, "Lord knows this is the truth.

Don't expect your children to want to contact you when you have nothing to do with them

It's so sad that if I do t use my phone to call or text people I never rings except for my hubby, mom, and creditors lol


Do something today that your future self will thank you for. I do a lot of things that my future self goes, 'really?