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Новогодний фейерверк в Праге 1 января 2017

In Prague, New Year's fireworks as usual took place on January Unfortunately there was a fog and it was difficult to shoot clearly fireworks.

Fireworks in Prague 01 01 2016

The New Year fireworks in 2016 took place in Prague, traditionally on January 1 at 18 o'clock.

Аквариум в океанариуме. Москвариум

A huge aquarium in the Moscow aquarium "Moskvarium" is on VDNH.

Игра на Бокалах  Play on wineglasses

Игра на Бокалах Play on wineglasses

Самый известный и скандальный скульптор современности

David Černý is the most famous contemporary Czech sculptor. The author of a number of scandalous works, combining provocation, humor and socio-political sati.

Новый год 2014. Прага. New Year's Eve in Prague 2014

New Year Prague. New Year's Eve in Prague The meeting of the New Year 2014 in Prague on Wenceslas Square was fun. There was a wonderful New Year'.

Sakura blossomed January 1, 2016 in Prague

January 2016 in Prague exactly in the fairy tale sakura blossomed. On December at midnight in Prague, it began to snow, lasted until 12 noon on Januar.

Georgian ensemble  «Kolkha II» in Prague

The Georgian ensemble "Kolha II" ("Kolkha II") from Tbilisi spoke on December 2015 at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Prague.

Dance  / Fire Bird  /  Phoenix  /  Птица Феникс

The mythical bird Phoenix is reborn from the ashes.

Protesty v Praze proti islamu 06 02 2016

On the Hradčany Square, opposite the Prague Castle, a rally was held, attended by representatives of many European countries.

Wonderful Nature & beautiful flowers  Прекрасная природа и красивые цветы

Wonderful Nature & beautiful flowers Прекрасная природа и красивые цветы

Excellent installation Великолепная инсталляция

Excellent installation Великолепная инсталляция

Фольклорный ансамбль Казаки Влтавы

Folklore ensemble of the All-Cossack Union of the Czech Lands and Slovakia "Cossacks Vltava" was established on October On the day of the celebrati.