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Как укрепить пластырь

Advice on how to strengthen the plaster on the damaged finger of the hand. Use better as shown in the video, then the patch will hold and you can flex your f.

Praha / 2015 / Victory Day / 70 years

Praha / 2015 / Victory Day / 70 years

Лейпциг  Leipzig

In Leipzig lived Bach, Schumann, Wagner, Mendelssohn and Goethe. It was in Leipzig that Goethe wrote many scenes for his immortal Faust.

Вот это музыка!!! Джеймс Ласт #ЛучшеенаЮТУБе - YouTube

Вот это музыка!!! Джеймс Ласт #ЛучшеенаЮТУБе - YouTube


Madrid is the capital of the Kingdom of Spain. The Plaza of Spain is the center of the western part of Madrid. On the square there are two skyscrapers built .

Севилья / Sevilla Spain Севилья — cтолица Андалусии. Город с захватывающей корридой и страстным фламенко. Яркая достопримечательность города - потрясающей кр...

Seville is the capital of Andalusia. A bright landmark of the city is the stunning beauty of the Sevi.

Самый известный и скандальный скульптор современности

David Černý is the most famous contemporary Czech sculptor. The author of a number of scandalous works, combining provocation, humor and socio-political sati.

Уникальные Пещеры Сакромонте в Гранаде The Cave House Museum of the Sacromonte, Granada, Spain - YouTube

The unique Caves of Sacromonte are in the Spanish city of Granada. In Granada, there is an old Albaicin district, located on a hill. Walking along its beauti.

Цветущие деревья кустарники

Цветущие деревья кустарники

Дрезден. Рождество. Новый год.

Dresden in Christmas is a German New Year's fairy tale. Colorful fairs, shopping, and even possible rain in December, as happened in this year 2016 for Chris.