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Игра на Бокалах  Play on wineglasses

Игра на Бокалах Play on wineglasses

Фольклорный ансамбль Казаки Влтавы

Folklore ensemble of the All-Cossack Union of the Czech Lands and Slovakia "Cossacks Vltava" was established on October On the day of the celebrati.

Инсталляция "Dron-list" Леонардо да Винчи в Праге

Created by Leonardo da Vinci, the flying machine inspired the creation of a drone installation of the Dron-list (author of the Czech Jakub Nepraš).

Киргизский танец. Праздник Навруз

Kyrgyz national dance was performed on the holiday Navruz, held in Prague, in the RCSC (Russian Center for Science and Culture). The holiday "Navruz" is cele.

Dance  / Fire Bird  /  Phoenix  /  Птица Феникс

The mythical bird Phoenix is reborn from the ashes.

Брамс Венгерский танец № 5

March 2016 in the Russian center of science and culture in Prague, within the framework of the International Festival for Children and Youth "Spring.

Уникальные Пещеры Сакромонте в Гранаде The Cave House Museum of the Sacromonte, Granada, Spain - YouTube

The unique Caves of Sacromonte are in the Spanish city of Granada. In Granada, there is an old Albaicin district, located on a hill. Walking along its beauti.

Новости  31 03 2015  Ураган обрушил крышу дома на центральную улицу Праги

Новости 31 03 2015 Ураган обрушил крышу дома на центральную улицу Праги

Потрясающая инсталляция в Праге

The authors of the stunning installation in Prague Boris Vitazek and Zuzana Sabova from Bratislava. The projection was demonstrated for 4 days in the frames .

New Year 2018.  Prague

Meeting the New Year in the center of Prague, on the embankment of the Vltava River. December at exactly midnight, there were amicable whistles fro.



Ярмарка Восхитительной Керамики в Чехии

The variety of unique author's and delightful works did not leave indifferent any of th.

Extreme for everyone

Sports entertainments for the whole family in the Czech Republic. Fun extreme for everyone.

Как отделить желтки от белков

Как отделить желтки от белков

Простые рецепты украшения блюд

Simple recipes how to decorate dishes. Video is useful in that it tells you how quickly, beautifully and ingeniously you can decorate the table, for example,.