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Spring Waltz of Flowers  Весенний вальс цветов

Lika Ingrid - a channel about interesting and useful. This is a videos about travels around the world, about the sights of Europe and different countries.

Виды орхидеи Phalaenopsis - YouTube

Types of orchids Phalaenopsis - Phalaenopsis - is a whole world of amazingly beautiful flowers. These are the most common flowers from all kinds of orchids.

Rhododendrons  Рододендроны

Rhododendrons Рододендроны

SPEED OF A PLANT: Pasqueflower 8

Winter has blown back into Wisconsin, but signs of spring still persist.like the Pasqueflower, one of the earliest spring ephemerals.

Сосновая пыльца  Сбор и   Применение

Сосновая пыльца Сбор и Применение