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obsidian phoenix - Hledat Googlem

Obsidian Phoenix by FrostDrake on DeviantArt


" Rise From The Ashes.Be A Phoenix" because no one else can help you on a personal journey of rebirth after a bad break up.

This representation of the phoenix reminded me of the part in #MonsterPills when…

The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and immortality. It expresses true appreciation and love for life. The Phoenix reminds us that life is beautiful and should not be taken for granted, as we only have a short time on this earth.


'Which came first the Phoenix or the flame' ~Ravenclaw tower door, from Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows

The Phoenix Tattoo  Today, we’ll talk all about phoenix tattoo! From the fire-wielding pheasants of Japan to the cute Harry Potter phoenix, our depictions of this bird...

Phoenix Tattoo

Most cultures around the world have tattoos as an expression. Some cultures use tattoos as adulthood rites, for artistic or beauty purposes, as warrior marks, tribal identification and so on.