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DIY - Natural Room Scents
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Natural room scents - do it yourself stuff

This information on essential oil properties will help you learn how to use essential oils to make your own aromatherapy recipes.

Tried the orange, almond & ginger, I love it!

There are lots of things that you can do to have your house smell good. Scented candles, freshener sprays are just some of the most popular ways people freshen

DIY - Natural Room Scents

Natural Room Scent Jars: Orange, Cinnamon, Cloves * Lemon, Rosemary, Vanilla * Lime, Thyme, Mint, Vanilla * Orange, Ginger, * Almond Pine, Bay Leaves, Nutmeg

DIY Freeze Ahead Natural Room Scent Jars with Printable Tags from The Yummy Life here. These would make really good gifts that you could make assembly line style. You could also give them in a gift basket with the printable tag and recipe card.

15 Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing...

Familiar scents could help us feel at home. If you have a favourite candle scent, adding it to your new house can really help it become more inviting. This could also take away the smell of newly painted walls and a new apartment that you’re not used to!

One pinner says: "This really works with any citrus fruit because the citric acid is flamible[sic]."

28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To Pinterest

DIY Natural Room Scents for Your Home and for Gifting by theyummylife #DIY #Room_Scents #Gifts

DIY Natural Room Scents for Your Home and for Gifting. This floating candle idea could work great for Christmas also. Just fill a mason jar with cranberries,

Home made air fresheners. Seriously, this is genius and would make an awesome christmas gift!

Natural Room Scents

How to make Natural Room Scents: Add fragrance to your home using simmering waters infused with spices, herbs, & fruit. Five Natural Room Scent Recipes:

DIY Stovetop Room Scent Recipes

DIY Stovetop Room Scent Recipes

DIY Air Freshener ~ Keep your home smelling clean and fresh with these DIY room scents. Avoid store-bought air fresheners and opt for this simple, organic, homemade solution.

how to make primitive crafts | spiced orange slices - primitive craft ideas | How to Make

when G&P and Gpa give us bags of lemons!---Crispy Orange Chips (a.a - Dehydrated Orange Slices) - great for garland, potpourri, food decor. The possibilities are endless!

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Clever Projects Made Using Herbs

Herbs are so fab for us in many ways - aromatherapy, healing & natural. Some DIY to get more into your life Clever Projects Made using Herbs

18 DIY Stovetop Room Scent Recipes | There are better alternatives to store bought scents to add a pleasant smell to your home.

Creating a scent for your home that has a pleasant aroma is not difficult. You can easily make your own potpourri by using some stovetop room scent recipes.

DIY - Natural Room Scents

The Yummy Life

Natural Room Scents

  • 1 Citrus
  • 1 Ginger, fresh or powdered
  • 1 Herbs -- rosemary
Baking & Spices
  • 1 Extracts--vanilla
  • 1 Spices-- whole cinnamon
  • Pine twigs (or other fragrant twigs)

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