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L'hôtel Click Clack de Bogota en Colombie

Carlos Ferrater - Office and Apartment building, Barcelona 2002


modern stone and wood elevation Carlos Ferrater - Office and Apartment building, Barcelona 2002

immobilier Maison 2870

These apartments in Luxembourg and works by local artist SUMO are "dressed" in a shimmering metallic facade made from a unique material – Architectural studio: Metaform Atelier d’Architecture

The entire façade now acts as an effective store sign through a three-dimensional architectural (hair) wave, which runs along the exterior. At the same time, this dynamic design fulfils another important function: vertically, it runs like a curtain over the glazed façade, offers a degree of privacy, and thus supports the atmosphere and the character of the salon.

Hairstyle Facades - What better way to market your business than with a storefront that looks like your product? The Hair Couture Salon exterior received a unique rede.

Cortesia de Rojkind Arquitectos, © Jaime Navarro

Sede Falcon II / Rojkind Arquitectos + Gabriela Etchegaray

Image 13 of 29 from gallery of Falcon Headquarters 2 / Rojkind Arquitectos + Gabriela Etchegaray. Photograph by Rojkind Arquitectos, © Jaime Navarro