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I remember that when he tells you to write an essay about what you love about him one of the answers is f*ck<<<ASDFGH <<< leg so hot hot hot leg leg so hot u fry a eg


frisk abaixe essa revista antes que você morra com um tiro na cara O-O


I voice most of the characters including frisk so I just said "B*tch I want answers" in a little baby voice

Nice. Undertale Mettaton

UNDERTALE Mettaton (put the cracker on the drawing and you get MTT lol)

A really good question to ask before anything else is why is the first panel even a real thing?

Sans as a Hot Cat

lesserdog, frisk, undertale, chara <<< Yup, sounds like something Chara would do. XD

Yup, sounds like something Chara would do. XD << If they didn't already have the goat/skeleton/human family, I would adopt them tbh

First swear of the comic and it's by Papyrus, of all people This comic will now (hopefully) update weekly I'll decide on a specific day eventually probably Wednesdays because those are the slow day...

I made another comic.which is full of tears and sadness of course. Like everytem Every sentence of the comic is from the game. ( Im not counting the first panel ) only sentence here .

This is basically what I wrote but I'd then go on to write 'leg leg leg mmm yes so leg yesss' like eight times after

The first time I played I said nothing, and he was flattered that I was speechless, and the time I just said "legs" and he told me I was right. Apparently, putting "Legs" or "Toby" gets you extra ratings.

You can have the mercy button back when you learn to play nicely with it.

Frisk steals the mercy button before Asgore can destroy it in pacifist battle

undertale x sponge Bob frisk, papyrus, toriel, sans, and undyne