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Cool Summer Color Palette @outfitideas4u

Cool Summer Seasonal Color Palette

Cool Summer Color Palette - with tones. here are mainly greyed tones, but for Cool Summer is the most important coolnes of colours. Cool Summer can wear also cool tints, less softened tones and also cool shades.

Cool Summer (this Summer with a touch of Winter - a cool shade of hair color mostly gray-brown, cool shade of skin and eyes saturated grays)

Sariah loves looking good! This cool summer color palette shows the kinds of colors that look best on her. She especially loves PINK! Navy and denim blue are particularly flattering on her.

Cool Summer. a.k.a. True Summer. This palette is 100% Cool. It is a muted palette, it contains a lot of Gray. It's colors are grayed. It is Soft and Powdery looking. Like, clouds, cotton, cotton candy, marshmallows, seafoam. It's sister palette is Cool Winter or True Winter. You may be able to share some colors from the Cool Winter palette.

A one-page presentation of your color palette x Can be laminated, or presented in a clear plastic envelope