Your a very strong person. I like you. Wanna be friends?

This is so therapeutic :) Remember: You deserve the vest, you ARE beautiful, and your struggles in life do matter because you matter. Always here for you :)

Ohhh yes... even longer...

We already have Best Friendship Quotes that you can share to all your friends right now. He we go. Ideally, one needs to not need to manage it by oneself. It can likewise be interpreted in various ways

yeup. But when you have to or know you have to it's the hardest thing.

Good people in your life that are true friends. Hard to find people you just "click" with and are true too! So when you do find them- don't let them go or take them for granted.

Some friendships are timeless. Celebrate your timeless friendships with jewelry from Shannon Westmeyer Jewelry.

Almost in tears right now. Makes me miss my Clyde that much more than i already do! :'(

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