Asian inspired cake

Peach blossom wedding cake Delicate peach blossom decorate this oriental style wedding cake Inspired by Japanese drawing. The cake can have the tiers separate by fresh plums whose tree has the same blossom as the peach one. for the plum idea.

Sweet bear on holiday by Zaklina

Sweet bear on holiday by Zaklina

Love steampunk weddings! They are original, unforgettable and remind of masquerades! This is a perfect idea to use your imagination. We’ve just told you of some cool steampunk bridal dresses, and today I’m all into sweets! But these are...

Steampunk weddings really caught my attention this week. Earlier this week I heard the term 'Steampunk' used while watching the Tournament of Champions on Jeopardy. A reference to Steampunk.

Dark Devil’s Food Cacao Cake With Fondant Asparagus Frosting

Fondant Asparagus Cake - Eat your veggies! Not really, but they look pretty close to the real thing.