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i'm too cute

23 The amazing fox you’ve never seen

i'm too cute

Long eared Jerboa

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A Long-eared Jerboa is a hopping desert rodent.The Long-eared Jerboa, Euchoreutes naso, is a nocturnal mouse-like rodent with a long tail, long hind legs for jumping, and exceptionally large ears.

Foxes in my heart

A research group in russia spent the last years breeding foxes to remove the wild genes and make purely domestic foxes. To fund their continuing research, they are selling these foxes as house pets.<<< I NEED A DOMESTIC FOX


Three fox kits on San Juan Island, Washington state. They live wild on the meadows. That is a rabbit fence behind them, not a cage. Photo by sea turtle

Happy Fox by Roeselien Raimond

(Ooooommmmm - p.) A Red Fox: "Smelling The Fresh Woodland Air." (Photo By: Roeselien Raimond.

Ayer fue el #DiaMundialDelMedioAmbiente , ¿te habías enterado?

Sempre achei minha Westie parecida com a raposa branca da Antartica 💙

Red Fox by Ivan Kislov

Russian Miner Spends His Breaks Taking Photos Of Foxes In The Arctic Circle

Such a gorgeous coloured fox! I could look at pictures of foxes for hours.and half white half red

arctic fox... It's so bad, but my first thought was "OHMYGOSH THE FOX IS POSESSED BY A DEMON!"

Arctic fox (x-post from r/awwducational)

Arctic Fox (by Jean-Christophe Moquin) with ridiculous black eyes MUST USE Black bottomless pools that swallowed the light in their inky depths